Irland 2018 - Routes
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Your moment of fame

Compose your own song



At this station, the Irish Singer-Songwriter Shane Ó Fearghail will make a songsmith out of you! Drawing on his Irish indie folk music background, you’ll pen verses and melodies with him and his band, with additional support by Antonia Ní Norica and Danaí Kelleher, who’s traveled the rocky road from Dublin just to be here. As a collaborative project of all groups that visit the Irish station, a song will be crafted over the day, to be presented at the grand finale at the Volkgarten club. Afraid the muse will forsake you? Don’t fret: Shane’s energy is infectious, and he’ll show you how to channel passion and good storytelling into music that moves.


Ireland is part of the route “For English Lovers”
This station is in English.