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The European Journey in the middle of Vienna
Experience Europe in your own city for one day!

Travel through your city. 

You can choose one out of the existing routes. Each route includes three countries. One of our guides accompanies you and your group to the stations where you can experience these countries. 

Experience countries firsthand. 

Each station represents one European country. Meet people from these countries and get soaked into their cultures. Experience the country’s lifestyle through interactive formats.

Meet new people.

Routes is for all of us. Our routes address a wide range of different interests: for families, for people with versatile interests, or trendy hipsters, and more.

Extend your knowledge.

Partners of the Routes range from EU-institutions, ministries, companies, embassies, to cultural institutes. The event closes with a European exhibition where partners engage with Routes-travellers and publicly present their projects and initiatives.

Feel Europe’s diversity.

Routes makes you experience several countries in the course of one day and by that gives you a glimpse of what „being European“ means. 


May 2017


Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs

October 2017


European Parliament

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