Dänemark 2018 - Routes
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Build your own solution


nstruct the best answer to Jasper Jensen’s question during LEGO Serious Play

You’re probably familiar with LEGO, and you’re no stranger to dilemmas, either. But did you know that you can solve serious problems with LEGO? LEGO Serious Play takes the time-honored pleasure of building with Legos and channels the fun toward solving everyday work problems. This technique is often used by companies to discover new approaches to resolve complex issues. Aside from being the birthplace of LEGO, Denmark is also a European leader in novel working methods; to illustrate that, creative consultant Jesper Jensen has come from up north to introduce LEGO Serious Play. By creating simple constructions with the beloved toy, you’ll make the problem he presents to you tangible, building your own solution, brick by brick.


Denmark is part of the route “For English Lovers”
This station is in English.

Jesper Jensen
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